My career - from karting to Formula 1

1999-2001: Karting - Cadetti and Micro

My debut in racing was in karting, the Swedish kart series Cadetti 1999 with great fun and success with 7 races and 6 podiums. The next year, 2000, I started to race in a more advanced level called Micro which amongst things means many more races. This year was my first year joining Ward Racing getting a great support from the team and won the award "Rookie of the Year". I continued in Micro 2001, still supported by the Ward Racing team, fighting top results and I had a great year finishing 3rd in the middle Sweden Kart Championship. At this point I felt strongly that racing was my thing.

2002-2003: Karting - Mini

2002 and 2003 I switched to a more advanced series - Mini - and after a year of learning it really paid off. 2003 was a breakthrough when I won middle Sweden championship, with over 100 competitors in my class and many of my 10 pole positions in a row ended up in victories.

2004-2006: Karting - ICA Junior and ICA

I started to drive a lot of International Kart in 2004 with my first year in Italian Open masters. I felt that racing in Italy was so much harder than in Sweden. I completed some races in Sweden as well and finished 4th in the Swedish championship.

2005 was almost a perfect year for me continuing racing both in Europe (Italian Open Masters) and Sweden. Everything started to come together in terms of driving skills. I ended up as both the Swedish and Nordic champion! I won the Swedish Championship by winning the 4 first races and claimed the championship with 2 races to go. In the Nordic Championship in Gothenburg I won after an amazing race.

2006 was time for some change, so I went to ICA karting series. I raced only on international level with one exception, "The Wiking Trophy" in Gothenburg, Sweden (Scandinavia's biggest race of the year) where I met Kenny Bräck, IndyCar champion and Indianapolis 500 winner. He came up to me afterwards and offered me a meeting to discuss my future in racing. Kenny together with Eje Elgh, former Swedish Formula 1 driver, offered to support me to take the step from karting to formula cars. Soon afterwards I did my first tests in Formula BMW, a driving style very different to karting.

2007: British Formula BMW

My first year in car racing and it started off great. We had decided to enter the Formula BMW UK championship. In my first ever car race I qualified fourth and in the second one I took pole position. That was an unbelievable start and even though I had to wait for my first race win a bit longer I scored a lot of points.

Once I scored my first win it all just continued and the turning point came mid season when I was still in the championship lead. My goal was to do Formula 3 for 2008 and I was very motivated to keep the championship lead all the way through the final race. Kenny Bräck and Eje Elgh helped a lot during the season and in the end I managed to win the championship and become the British Formula BMW Champion.

2008: British Formula 3

I knew my first year in F3 would be a tough learning year. We signed with Fortec Motorsport for the competitive British F2 championship and after the success in 2007 my expectations were high. It started great and I was in the championship lead after the first weekend. 

The rest of the season proved to be a tough challenge. I managed to finish on the podium several times and in the end it was enough for fifth overall in the championship. I also race in the Macau F3 World Final race for the first time and got the opportunity to race for the British Championship winning team Carlin Motorsport.

2009: Japanese and british Formula 3 

This was one of my best but also toughest years in racing. It all started with a move to Japan where we had decided to do the Japanese F3 Championship with TOM’s Toyota. Just to go and live in Japan was a big challenge and everything was different to what I was used to. Out on the track a lot of things were also different.

It took me until the sixth race weekend to win my first race but once I had won my first race it all just came together. I won another four races and was in a big fight for the championship. In the final race of the season the championship fight would be decided and in a very tight and close fight I managed to win the battle and become the champion. I also went back to UK to drive a few races in British F3 again and could with at both Rockingham and Hockenheim. 

After the end of the season I also went to Macau for the F3 World Final race there. I finished second in the first race and fourth in the second race. To top it all off I also tested a GP2 car for the first time and also did the GP2 race in Abu Dhabi and in December I got the opportunity to test the Brawn GP’s World Championship winning F1 car in a young drivers test in Jerez.

2010: GP2 series with SuperNova

This was my first year in GP2 after we agreed on a contract with SuperNova after the 2009 season. We had a very tough start to the season with no points in the first three race weekends. But when we came to Valencia it all worked out and in the second race I could finally take my first win in GP2. It was a dream come true to stand on the top step of the podium hearing the Swedish national anthem playing. Unfortunately the season didn’t continue in the same way and I finished a disappointing 15th overall in the championship.

2011: GP2 series with iSport International

A good start to the season with a podium finish at Abu Dhabi in the GP2 Asia Series and a P1 in pre season testing at Silverstone. But when the first race arrived we struggled with several problems. Once we had them sorted out we could start fighting for the top positions and the team did a great job and produced a consistently fast car for every race weekend. But for one reason or another we did not put it all together and we finished the season 10th overall.

2012: GP2 series with iSport International

In my third season in GP2 my focus was firmly set on top positions. Unfortunately we had a bad start to the season with several midfield positions and we struggled to get the speed out of the car. The season turned in Monaco when I finished on the podium in the first race and fourth in the second race. But then followed a few races where we failed to get consistently good results but then came Spa. The win in the first race was a big relief and we almost made the podium in the second race as well where we finished fourth. That helped to improve the championship position and we finished 8th overall after scoring the most points out of any driver in the final seven races. After the season we started talks with DAMS and agreed on a contract for GP2 in 2013.

2013: GP2 series with DAMS

Joining DAMS targets were obviously high. But the start of the season was very tough. We had the pace as qualifying showed but I failed to get the race results and that was a big disappointment. In the second half of the season we could turn it around and show what I can do as a GP2 driver. Overall I have to say looking back I’m quite happy with my season despite the tough first half. I managed to show my full capacity as a driver with good qualifying speed and smart and strong racing so all in all I must be happy with the season although the goal was set higher. The highlight of the season was the win at Nürburgring in front of many Swedish fans and the strong second half that followed which made this my best GP2 season.